MHK 纱线状态监测控制器 mhk

MHK 是一款针对纺织行业自动化改造而开发的纱线状态监测控制器,采用 ARM 架构,实时操作系统确保高效稳定的工作,强大的数据处理能力可以实时捕捉针织机械在生产过程中出现的走线故障并立即将机器停止,控制器最大支持64个传感器的高速通信,安装简易,不需要复杂的线路布置即可对老旧设备完成自动化升级,大幅减少原材料损耗。

MHK is a yarn state monitoring controller developed for the automation transformation of the textile industry. It uses ARM architecture, real-time operating system to ensure efficient and stable work, and powerful data processing ability can capture the wiring fault of the knitting machine in the production process in real time and immediately stop the machine. The controller supports high-speed communication of up to 64 sensors, which is easy to install, Automatic upgrading of old equipment can be completed without complicated line layout, and the loss of raw materials can be greatly reduced.