MS2A 纱线运动监测传感器 MS2A Yarn Move Monitoring Sensor

MS2A 引入高精度的红外图像传感器,并采用360°环形矩阵的方式排列,更有效的避免检测死角,通过可靠的电路预处理以及数字图像频谱分析算法,有效的滤除外部干扰,同时对经过处理后的数据和预设的纱线特性数据库进行比对,从而准确的判断出纱线处于运动或是静止。

MS2A introduces high-precision infrared image sensors and uses 360 ° circular matrix arrangement to more effectively avoid detection of dead angle. Through reliable circuit preprocessing and digital image spectrum analysis algorithm, external interference is effectively filtered. At the same time, the processed data is compared with the preset yarn characteristic database, so as to accurately judge whether the yarn is moving or stationary.