MS1B 纱线运动监测传感器 MS1B Yarn Move Monitoring Sensor

MS1B 采用本公司特别定制先进的双图像传感器,具有寿命长、稳定性好、灵敏度高等特点,比进口产品检测区域增加20%以上,极大的提高了产品的适应性,感光频谱波长限定范围700–1100nm,可有效避免可见光干扰,并准确的判断纱线的状态。

MS1B adopts the advanced dual-image sensor specially customized by our company, which has the characteristics of long service life, good stability, high sensitivity, and more than 20% more than the detection area of imported products, greatly improving the adaptability of the product. The limited range of sensitive spectrum wavelength is 700-1100nm, which can effectively avoid visible light interference and accurately judge the state of the yarn.